We love location bookmarking! Collect, share & discover inspiring places around the world with kollekkt!

kollekkt works as a virtual online pin-board where its users can collect and share their favorite places and things to do all around the world with friends and like-minded people and get inspired by other users recommendations. We are striving to create the ultimate resource of information about how to experience great places, anywhere.

Since we care about our users' privacy they may choose to keep their favorite places all to themselves - or share them with other users. Users are able to access their collection of places on their desktop computer as well as on smart phones or tablets

If you’re looking for cool places nearby when you’re on the road, then use our location-based search algorithm, which we created for mobile devices: choose “Places nearby” in the search form and kollekkt will show you the best places around you, based on your current location. Please allow kollekkt to use your phone's GPS function. If you found a place through our mobile search you would like to visit, click “Take me there” on the place’s detail page and kollekkt will show you the fastest way to get there on a map. Very handy in areas or cities you are not familiar with!

Our reasons for doing kollekkt and why it makes sense to be part of it:

  • use kollekkt as a tool to keep track of our favorite places and keep them organized in individual collections
  • share our favorite places and things to do somewhere everybody can access, regardless of physical location or time
  • facilitate the process of discovering new places in known surroundings or things to do in foreign places
  • get an inspiration and motivation to try out new things
  • get an idea about what our friends are up to by seeing where they like to hang out
  • or use kollekkt for your own individual purpose