What we are about

kollekkt is a web app that you can use to keep track of your favourite places and things to do and get inspired by the recommendations of other users. Since your privacy is important to us, we offer you to keep your favourite places all to yourself, share them with selected users only or share them with everyone. You can use kollekkt on your desktop computer as well as on your smartphone or tablet device. You don't need to download an app - just type in kollekkt.com in your browser and there you go!

These are our reasons to operate kollekkt

  • We use kollekkt to keep track of our favourite places and keep them organized in collections.
  • We want to share our recommendations in a place that everyone can access.
  • We want to make it super easy to discover new places in known surroundings as well as in foreign places.
  • We enjoy to get inspiration and motivation to try out new things by connecting with other users.