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Collect, share and discover the best places in Munich with kollekkt! The Bavarian capital in the southern part of Germany holds many unexpected secrets worth discovering. Infamous for its rich beer culture and local traditions, Munich of today has evolved far beyond these dusty clichés. Today Munich is a modern metropolis, home to 1,5 million people and spanning 25 wards. It’s the political and cultural centre of southern Germany and an internationally recognised hub for technological innovation and commerce, being home to numerous big corporations and world class universities. The constant influx of new people into the city adds not only to its cultural diversity but also acts as a catalyst for the creation of new concepts in the areas of gastronomy, retail and nightlife. This development is particularly noticeable in the two wards Maxvorstadt and Glockenbach, where new food places, stylish retailers and artisanal coffee shops and cocktail bars are popping up on a regular basis. Some stay for longer, others disappear again. Due to this constant change there is always something new to discover and kollekkt is here to help you navigate the new and the old.

Discover the best places around you in Munich

If you’re looking for cool places nearby in Munich when you’re on the road then use our location-based search: select “Places nearby” in the search form on your phone and kollekkt will show you the best places around you, based on your current location. We have an extensive curated list of the must see and must do places and experiences in Munich as well as great recommendations from fellow kollekkt users. If you found a place through our mobile search you would like to visit, click “Directions” on the place’s detail page and kollekkt will show you the fastest way to get there on a map. We want to help you to find great places to visit and things to do in your own city as well as on trips away from home in a fun and easy way. 

Keep track of your favourite places and experiences

Also, kollekkt is a useful app to easily bookmark your personal favourite places. Pin drop the best Munich restaurants, artisanal cafes and fashion stores, funky galleries or hikes through Englischer Garten and all of your other Munich favourites you never want to forget about on kollekkt’s interactive map and organize them in your own personal collections. Just enter a name & address for the new place, add a short description and an image and you’re done - as easy as that! Since we care about your privacy you may choose to keep your places all to yourself - or share them with other users. That’s up to you! You will be able to access your collection of Munich places and recommendations on your desktop computer as well as on your smart phone or tablet. We are available across all platforms.

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kollekkt lets you connect with other like-minded people, who enjoy to discover new places in Munich and share them on our platform. If you find someone's recommendations interesting and want to be notified once she posts something new, visit her profile page and give her a follow! The same way other people can follow you, if they enjoy what you're posting.

10 things to do in Munich in autmn

Munich offers great places to visit and things to do all year round. Autumn in the city has a particularly beautiful charm and we would like to inspire you to go out and make great experiences. We have compiled a list of 10 places in Munich you can visit in autumn.