Terms of Service

Granting the right of use
The user of the services offered on www.kollekkt.com grants kollekkt (service provider of www.kollekkt.com) the right of use free of charge for submitted images, descriptions, comments, evaluations, etc. on www.kollekkt.com, all mobile applications and for marketing and advertising purposes on third party platforms.

This right is terminated when the user requests from the service provider the deletion of the content from kollekkt properties (website, app).

By uploading content (images, comments, etc.) to kollekkt services the user declares that he disposes of the right of use and is in the position to grant it to kollekkt. Furthermore, the user declares that no personal rights of any third party are infringed. When a user does not dispose of the right of use, then hereby he declares that the term of copyright has expired already or that the original author has granted a creative commons license.

The user shall indemnify kollekkt from any claim for compensation, which are being asserted against kollekkt or it's legal representatives because of the use of granted rights or because of the violation of someone's personal rights. The user will assume all costs being inflicted upon the legal representatives or kollekkt for expenses of defending counsel in the amount of the legal charges. The user will support kollekkt in order to fend off any claims made. Prerequisite for indemnity is, that kollekkt will notify the user instantly about enforcement of claims and that kollekkt will conduct it's advocacy according to the user's specifications, as long as this is not futile.

No duty to audit user content
kollekkt or it's representatives are not obliged to audit user created content.
The user is personally liable that his uploaded content (and the websites he may link to in his content) is not violating the law or public morality.
The user must not publish, link to or refer to content on kollekkt.com, which:

  • violates personal rights and / or intellectual property rights
  • is considered to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, offensive, glorifying violence, pornographic, harassing, inappropriate for minors, or racially, ethnically, racially, right-wing or otherwise objectionable or bad for business, and / or
  • contains or represents viruses, or unsolicited mass mailing (known as "spam"), and / or
  • asks to participate in a chain letter, pyramid game and / or pursues commercial or otherwise promotional purposes

These rules apply to all user created content.

Deletion of user content
kollekkt reserves it's right to delete any content, which breaches the platform's rules or violates the law. kollekkt will not inform the user about content deletion due to the high quantity of daily user created content.

If you should discover disputable content, please send us an email to hello@kollekkt.com or use the "Report misuse" link on the place's detail page.

In case a user wants to delete or edit his content on kollekkt properties, he may sign in to his user account and edit or delete his content directly there. Also he may use the "Report misuse" link on the place's detail page or send us an email to hello@kollekkt.com with an explanation of his concern. Upon receipt of the user's request kollekkt will delete or edit the content as quickly as possible.

The contents and work published on these pages by the service provider are subject to German copyright law. The reproduction, processing, dissemination and any kind of utilisation beyond the confines of the copyright law require the written consent of the respective author/s in question. If you should you become aware of a copyright infringement on our pages, we request an appropriate reference. We will remove such contents immediately, as soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us.

Liability for external links
Our pages contain links to external third party websites. Since we have no control over third party contents, we cannot assume any liability for such external contents. The provider of the linked webpages always is responsible for these contents. We did not recognize any infringement of the law at the time of implementing the links on our pages. We will remove such links immediately from our pages, as soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to us.